20 Self Care Ideas for Women to Improve Mental Health

Guest article provided by: investadisor.com

Now more than ever, self-care ideas during quarantine are critical for helping us all keep our spirits as high as possible.  To help, we’ve put together a list of women’s self-care ideas that are going to be helpful and supportive for each person to find activities to maintain their mental health.  

What is self-care?

In its purest and simplest form, self-care is the practice of understanding what you need and meeting that need with no compromises.  Most of us ignore self-care and simply do whatever the world expects.  However, learning how to improve mental health long-term starts with understanding the true importance of self-care.

How does it help women decompress?

Stress and tension have a physical impact on the body.  It can lead to illness, fatigue, and more.  The best women’s self-care ideas will be those that prioritize decompression.  As we relax, our bodies release tension and stress.  This heightens immunity, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and also gives our mental and emotional selves a time to loosen up and relax, too.

All of this means better health from all sides, leading to a healthier and happier life all around.  The importance of self-care and decompression can’t be overstated in our hectic, challenging, and stressful day-to-day lives.

20 ways to practice self-care every day

1. She spends time with gratitude

Even when things don’t always seem to be as positive as they should be, seeing the positive in every single day through practicing gratitude is going to help make every day a whole lot better.

2. She eats healthy (most of the time)

Eating healthy meals gives you the energy that you can put towards those stressful or challenging tasks that often overwhelm you.  The healthier you eat, the better you will feel. However, don’t forget to enjoy a nice treat every once in a while!

3. She makes little life upgrades

Don’t hesitate to upgrade life’s pain points whenever you find a way to do so—for example, enjoying that luxurious magazine.  Or investing in a new tech device that will help upgrade daily tasks.

4. She lets negativity go

A woman with great self-care habits is going to learn when to let negativity go — and actually do so.  Negativity weighs you down in more ways than one.  Lighten the load on your mind by simply acknowledging how you feel and then simply allowing it to drift away.

5. She makes time to exercise

Exercise not only feels good for your body, but it does for your mind, too!  Make time for exercise as much as possible.  For some, that’s a gym session.  For others, it’s just daily chores.  Find a way that works!

6. She understands the value of the word ‘no’

This is one of the hardest lessons to learn when focusing on how to improve mental health.  Women often feel that they can’t, or shouldn’t, say no.  But saying no is essential to protecting yourself from overcommitting or simply being drawn into things that don’t propel you forward.  Say no and enforce those boundaries!

7. She rewards herself with desires, not food

Everyone is guilty of eating their feelings from time to time!  Instead of caving to those chips or chocolate that you think you want, reward yourself for a hard day’s worth with a desire instead!  Maybe it’s reading a really good book or having a chat with a friend.  Don’t make food a reward — it’ll be so much better this way!

8. She understands the value of alone time

No matter how much of a social butterfly you are, alone time is crucial for helping you hear your own voice and recharge.  Dedicate some “you” time every single day to check in with yourself and your needs.

9. She flexes her creative muscles

Whether it’s journaling or coloring, some of the best self-care ideas for stress include getting creative in whatever way feels the most liberating for you!

10. She understands the importance of sitting up straight

Simple but effective.  When we maintain proper posture, our bodies feel better.  The better our bodies feel, the better our emotional and mental selves feel, too.

11. She connects with others

As social creatures, taking time to connect with those around you is going to help you feel surrounded by support and love.  It also helps you see that you are never alone with anything.

12. She breathes in and out when experiencing stress

Self-care ideas for stress involve, well, acknowledging stress.  Instead of fretting and worrying, you must breathe in and out — deeply — when stress towers over you.  It has a marked effect!

13. She genuinely tries yoga

While it often gets a bad reputation, yoga is an important way to connect self-care between the mind and body.  Yoga exercises and relaxes the body and mind, offering ample opportunity for you to enjoy some downtime on both!

14. She moves for 30 minutes a day

Most women don’t get enough exercise on a daily basis!  Make it your goal to move first least 30 minutes a day.  Maybe it’s a price 15-minute walk in the morning and evening.  Maybe it’s taking the stairs a few more times than normal.

15. She confronts her negativity—on paper

We talked about letting negativity go above.  When you need to confront it in order to do so, women with strong self-care habits do it on paper.  This effectively vents it out and maintains your relationships with others.

16. She schedules self-care like she would any other appointment

What else needs to be said?  Making time for self-care on a daily basis is crucial to long-term health and happiness!  Make it a priority!

17. She has a bubble bath

What better way to take a load off than an aromatic, hot, and tranquil bubble bath?  Maybe add in a good book or a glass of wine, too.

18. She reads a book

Reading a book that you love is a great choice for relaxing and “letting loose” when it comes to your imagination.  Maybe it’s an old favorite, or perhaps a new one!

19. She practices positive self-talk

Seeing yourself in a positive light is the stepping stone to making sure that you are prioritizing the right activities to maintain your mental health long-term.  After all, if we are negative to ourselves, how can we take care of ourselves properly?

20. She intentionally lets her emotions out

In a healthy and safe way, let your emotions out.  Some do it by listening to sad music or watching a sad movie.  Some do it by talking to a trusted friend or counselor.  Find your method, and let your emotions run free.

As you can see, women’s self-care ideas don’t require anything drastic or mysterious.  It’s just about acknowledging the connection between daily life and the importance of carving out time for you every single day!